Flamenco Dance

Over the years, flamenco dance has become a prominent dance style. The passion, intensity, and the thunderous footwork often come to mind when thinking about this form of dance. The style is often danced as an improvised solo, from the core of the dancer’s individuality, life-experiences, and his/her soul. Unlike some other dance forms, there is no age limit as to when you should start or finish dancing flamenco! Nowadays, flamenco dance can be seen choreographed for many dancers in big productions around the world!


Founder of B Major Flamenco Club and Artistic Director of Latido Flamenco


Since 1989, Brenda has been actively involved in Chinese Classical and Folk Dance in Hong Kong. As a dancer, she has received various dance competition awards in Hong Kong between the years of 1989 and 1993. She completed the Chinese Folk Dance examination from the Dance Association in Beijing and was certified as a Professional Dance Teacher in December 2004. As a dance teacher, she has over 15 years of dance teaching experience. 
In 1991, she started to learn flamenco dance in Hong Kong. From April 2005 to May 2006, Brenda furthered her study of this art form in one of the flamenco capitals of the world: Seville, Spain. Upon finishing her courses, she obtained an Advanced Flamenco Dance Diploma in Seville. Brenda has studied with some of the great flamenco dance masters including, JUANA AMAYA, JUAN POLVILLO, ALICIA MARQUEZ, MANUELA RIOS, PILAR ORTEGA, MANUELA REYES, MIGUEL VARGAS, MARIBEL RAMOS, and a workshop with EL FARRUQUITO. She has also completed the intensive course at FUNDACION CRISTINA HEEREN DE ARTE FLAMENCO.
In Hong Kong, Brenda founded the B Major Flamenco Club and now serves as the Artistic Director. Aside from teaching her own flamenco classes, she teaches flamenco dance at the University of Hong Kong HKU SPACE, The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC), and the flamenco dance curriculum at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). As an artistic director and a flamenco dance teacher, she exemplifies the understanding of flamenco as its own art form, while focusing on individuality, footwork, technique and compás (rhythm). In addition, her instruction goes beyond that of flamenco dance as her spectacular choreography and artistic direction have been noticed in performances around Hong Kong. 

Flamenco Dance Classes with Brenda Blanca

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Technique Classes

HK$800 monthly course (4 lessons)
HK$250 per lesson

Choreography / Castanets & Palmas / Turns & Compas Classes

HK$250 per lesson

Bata de Cola Technique Classes

HK$1,280 monthly course (4 lessons)
HK$380 per lesson

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