Flamenco Kids

B Major Flamenco has been actively engaged in flamenco dance instruction, workshops and performances in Hong Kong since 2006. To further encourage authentic flamenco, B Major is now offering flamenco dance classes to children of all ages!

Flamenco is an excellent way for young learners to explore dance, music and self-expression. Students will develop confidence, discipline, coordination and concentration while exercising and having fun!

The course offers a variety of disciplines in flamenco including:

  • dance choreography
  • coordination of hands and arms
  • footwork technique
  • rhythm training
  • self-expression and individuality

¡Vamos a bailar!

If you have any enquiries, please email kids@flamenco.hk or WhatsApp +852 6623 4823 (no calls).

Instructor’s Bio



Janet grew up in Toronto, Canada. She received her first formal dance training from a young age but never specialized in anything specific. Rather, her childhood and youth were spent passionately on classical music, culminating in a diploma in performance (piano) from the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Janet always thought she would end up in music, but was captured by the unique interplay between the dance and music of flamenco in 2005. Studying under Esmeralda Enrique and Carmen Romero, two prominent flamenco figures in Toronto, her love for flamenco led her to Spain to continue her studies in 2006. Since she arrived to Hong Kong in 2007, she has been apprenticing under Brenda Blanca and is the lead soloist of Latido Flamenco Dance Company. She has studied under various flamenco masters such as, JUANA AMAYA, JUAN POLVILLO, ALICIA MARQUEZ, KARIME AMAYA, DOMINGO ORTEGA to name a few. To hone her craft, she continues to attend masterclasses and workshops in Spain, Japan, Canada and Hong Kong. She has obtained an advanced level diploma in flamenco dance from Seville, Spain and is a professional member of the National Dance Education Organization. Currently, with the experience she is gaining in flamenco dance instruction, she is working towards a certificate in dance education in the United States.

Janet combines her knowledge of music and dance in flamenco, taking advantage of her extensive musical training. Flamenco is her main creative outlet now, and she is dedicated and enthusiastic to sharing her passion with you!