Latido Flamenco

The word “latido” means beat in Spanish, as in latido de corazón, a heartbeat. Flamenco dance stems from the rhythmic beats of feet on the dance floor. We chose the name Latido Flamenco, because it portrays the essence of flamenco – a driving beat that rolls like thunder and a dance that is full of strength, emotion, and passion. Simply put, latido, is flamenco.

Flamenco.HK is the home of Latido Flamenco. Under the artistic direction of Brenda Blanca, Latido Flamenco is a flamenco dance performing entity based in Hong Kong. Our goal is to promote the art of flamenco m by sharing our passion of flamenco to you through dance. Our performers are experienced and come from different backgrounds and nationalities, each bringing in their own expressions and personalities when they dance. We offer programmes for a large variety of audiences, such as:

  • Public performances
  • Charity functions
  • Private functions
  • Corporate functions

Please contact us with your requirements and details.

For more information and booking, please email .