Courses in Spain

Andalucia, the birthplace of flamenco. One might even argue that you cannot truly experience flamenco without having been to Andalucia. The capital of Andalucia, Seville (or Sevilla, in Spanish), offers exceptional classes for flamenco enthusiasts and beginners alike. The city itself is a mesmerizing mix of Spanish and Moorish surroundings. You will easily find yourself lost in a labyrinth of narrow cobblestoned alleys and wind up in a local flamenco tablao. Olé!

If you’re planning a visit to Seville, don’t forget to bring your zapatos (flamenco dance shoes), and sign up for classes with our recommended maestros!



Juana Amaya‘s courses encompass the tradition and heritage of pure gypsy flamenco. Juana bases her teachings upon a thorough grounding of stylization, strength, technique and most importantly, compás. The classes offer the more experienced students the opportunity to explore flamenco dance as music, through rhythmic footwork and movements, while finding the students’ own charisma in dance. Juana also offers private and semi-private classes upon request.

Please visit Juana Amaya’s Facebook Page for more information and updates on upcoming courses!

masters_juan-polvilloJUAN POLVILLO

The Juan Polvillo Flamenco Dance School establishes itself within the practice of traditional flamenco while basing its teachings on technique, choreography, and the structure of the different forms of flamenco. The school offers each student a personalized service, small group classes to avoid overcrowding, and a level of teaching appropriate to each student’s capabilities. In addition to dance courses, the school offers guitar courses, Sevillanas, compás and palmas courses.

Please visit Escuela Flamenca Juan Polvillo for more details!

masters_alicia-marquezALICIA MÁRQUEZ

The Alicia Márquez Flamenco Dance Academy directs its study and offers classes with an artistic approach to flamenco. The academy’s greatest interest is to encourage students to express themselves in dance while working with rhythmic footwork. Extra attention is paid to strengthening the individuality in each student and further comprehension of technique, compás, structure of palos and the communication between baile, cante and guitarra (dance, song and guitar). 

Please visit Alicia Márquez Academia de Baile Flamenco for more information!